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Defining Myself Through Fashion – And Learning To Let Go

It's been nearly ten years since I first discovered vintage fashion and the pin-up scene. It was love at first sight - finally, fashion that was suited to my figure! My extreme curves now even had a name (apparently, having a greater than ten inch difference between your hips and your waist is called a… Continue reading Defining Myself Through Fashion – And Learning To Let Go

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Welcome to Plastic Free July!

It is June 30th, which means tomorrow (which is in less than one hour, as I type this!) is the official start of Plastic Free July. According to their website, Plastic Free July is a challenge "to refuse single-use plastic during July...Plastic Free July aims to raise awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic… Continue reading Welcome to Plastic Free July!

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Time Capsule: Two Month Round Up

Two months down in my first ever capsule wardrobe, and it's time to check in again! MOST WORN Black leggings and my black skirt. The black leggings is not surprising considering it’s getting colder and they’re a great extra layer. I’m so pleased my black skirt is getting worn so much, it’s just so practical! LEAST WORN… Continue reading Time Capsule: Two Month Round Up

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Time Capsule: The Items

Ready to begin my first minimalist, pin up closet capsule! The items: Bottoms: Dark red A-line skirt, pleated. Thrifted, under $5 Black pencil skirt with gold button detail. Thrifted, under $5 Black, full circular skirt. Forever New, approx $70 (purchased approx 5 years ago) Purple pencil skirt. Thrifted, under $5 Black high-waisted slacks. Thrifted, under… Continue reading Time Capsule: The Items