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Frugal Things, Thursday August 31st

1. Stuck to my $1500 budget this month, including rent. Very, very pleased, as I earned about five times that amount. You better believe the extra income was put half in to savings and half towards my student loan, both of which are looking healthier and closer to my end of year goals.


2. Spent the brief breaks I had at work planning meals for the next month. My plan isn’t set in stone, but it saves me last minute panicking scouring the web for recipes. I email any that look easy and tasty to my inbox so I just need to go in to my recipes folder and look up the corresponding recipe.


3. Discovered my apartment has a coffee plunger, so I plan to buy some ground beans, which works out cheaper than the fancy instant coffee I was getting. Excited to try this new way of brewing!


4. Popped over to my friends house and they had another bunch of completely mushy brown bananas, which I decided to liberate to a loving home. I am going to whip up something delicious, vegan and sugar free with these lovelies!


5. Held off buying my petrol until the price dropped about 10c a litre from what it was. Not the lowest it has been this month, but it saved me a couple of dollars.


6. Went through the box of clothes I had stashed at my grandmother’s house and salvaged a couple of cardigans I think I can get more use out of as the weather starts warming up, as well as a fabulous coat I had neglected. Like going on a shopping spree for absolutely nothing!


7. Had to buy some black and coloured work out leggings for various theatre productions I’m involved in, and managed to find both in my local Savers for next to nothing. I also grabbed a pair of super comfortable black flats (the orthopaedic granny style) because my current pair are falling apart. Everything came to $11, and I can claim the costumes on tax.


How have you saved money this week?


Featured image: Fabian Blank


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