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How I’ve Been F**king Up Lately (And Why I Don’t Care)

I think that most people who know we would agree that I’m a bit of an over-achiever. My plate is constantly full,  I’m always getting up early and spending sixteen hours running around before I get back home and do it again. My ‘days off’ are actually full of admin, errands, and oiling all the cogs that mean my life can run semi-smoothly the rest of the time. I’m not exaggerating – I’m twenty-six and I’m currently working part time, running a business, freelancing regularly in two seperate fields, producing and acting in one theatre show and producing, writing and performing another.  Not to mention educating myself more about a plant-based wholefoods diet to compliment my veganism, trying to reduce my waste and live plastic free, and trying to improve my pole dancing!


I also hold myself to annoyingly high standards, which I sometimes fail to reach. It’s frustrating, it’s human, and I’m trying my best not to let it get to me. Here’s some things I’ve been f**king up recently, and why I’m not going to let it drive me crazy.


1. Shopping at the supermarket, not the farmers market

Let me preface this with: if farmers markets and bulk stores were open the same crazy hours as supermarkets, this wouldn’t be a problem. This is Australia though, and the only stores that are open long enough to cater for my crazy schedule are the supermarkets. I do what I can, buying unpackaged as much as possible, and doing little things like buying the loose bananas that are less likely to be purchased than the bunches. I feel bad for not supporting my local farms, but I just can’t always make it work.


2. Using some plastic

This week was the first time I intentionally bought products in plastic post-Plastic Free July. I’d been doing so well with avoiding single-use plastic or finding alternatives, but this week I had a one-hour slot in which to do my shopping, and I’d planned my meals to use up a lot of ingredients already in my cupboard. It kept costs down, but something had to give – in this case, the plastic packaged basil and tortillas. I’ll be recycling both packages, but I did get a bit guilty. This was coupled with a plastic plate and knife that was forced on to me at a work lunch earlier in the day, which I realised later I could have just refused and taken a plate from the kitchen. D’oh! I was too distracted by the fact that they had never asked us for dietary preferences so my lunch ended up being some oily felafel and sad soggy steamed veggies.

3. Wearing a full face of makeup

I know some zero-wasters are amazing at going bare faced and looking gorgeous, but I think I have come to the realisation that this is just not me. I love wearing my pin up makeup, and it’s not something I feel ready to give up. When I wear pin up makeup I feel more confident, I enjoy my wardrobe more, I feel happier, and I think that is worth some packaging. I buy very specific products and only replace them when they run out – I’m not the type of girl to have a bulging makeup drawer for no reason. But my return to my old makeup ways after trying to go barefaced has me feeling a lot happier, so it’s staying.


Amidst the failures, there has been some triumphs, so here’s some things I haven’t been f**king up recently…

1. Not using disposable coffee cups

Even when there was a coffee van at work the other day, I took my mug straight out to the van instead of using their cups. And I wasn’t the only one!


2. Homecooking all my meals

I haven’t eaten takeaway food all month! I’m really proud of myself, as the temptation has been super high. I’ve turned down some lunch offers and I’ve been cooking up a storm at home to make sure there is always something easy and yummy to devour, staving off temptation.

3. Sticking to budget

Now that I don’t have to pay for costly hair salon visits every two months, I have adjusted my budget, and I have done a good job of sticking to it so far! Eating entirely home cooked meals and refusing little things like cafe treats and take away coffees has gone a long way, but so has leaving the car at home when possible, and filling up on petrol when the prices are down.

4. Getting my frugal/ twenty-something inspo

One of my favourite things to do when I feel like I’m f**king up and lacking motivation is to check out some blogs that will remind me that I’m on the right path! I’ve been checking out blogs like Smart Twenties and Advice From A Twenty-Something, but I’ve been really loving Picky Pinchers, who are super relatable and enjoyable to read. Here’s to the twenty-somethings doing the best we can!


What have you f**ked up this week?


Featured image: Alexander Mils


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