Frugal Things

Frugal Things, Tuesday August 15th

1. Rehearsed at a friend’s house who had a heap of bananas that were completely brown. I made a joke about them and they let me take the whole lot home, where I transformed them in to a banana nut loaf with ingredients I had on hands. I also had a heap of carrots that were going a bit funny, so I whipped up some carrot muffins with no sugar or flour, and I’ve had healthy snacks all week.

2. Some loaves of bread were left in my work staff room, so I grabbed one to use this week, saving me from buying one. A couple of days later there was another half loaf and some apples left out, so I took them home with me as well.


3. I’ve had some long days, but have been packing both lunches and dinners to heat up in the kitchen facilities where I’ve been working and subsequently haven’t succumbed to the temptation of take out once.


4. Spoiled my parents by buying them both glass Keep Cups, as they get at least one takeaway coffee a day and I couldn’t stand the amount of disposable cups they were using. I saved money on postage by picking my order up straight from the warehouse, which only cost me my time.


5. A couple of  times in the last month or so I have gone to have a coffee with one friend or another and the friend has shouted me. I never go in expecting that they’ll pay for me, but it’s always a really lovely gesture, and means I don’t have to get my monthly spreadsheet out and rebalance my expenses. I always repay it when I can, but it’s an unexpected surprise I truly appreciate.


And some bonus frugality for you!


6. After a tight month last month, I finally got paid for a big job I did last month. I put half into savings and half towards paying off my student loan, which is well on the way to reducing down to the goal I set to reach at the end of the year. Hooray!


7. I’ve been feeling really uninspired by my wardrobe. As much as I’ve been wanting to splurge (and I’ve had the means, thanks to my big paycheck this month) I’ve been visiting different sites for inspiration and holding off on the actual spending until the weather starts to heat up again and I can plan a new capsule that will take me through the summer months. I’ve been experimenting by throwing together different outfits with my pin up makeup and actually have found myself feeling more like me than I have in a while!


How have you saved money this week?

Featured image: Fabian Blank


3 thoughts on “Frugal Things, Tuesday August 15th”

  1. Great score on all of that free food! I used to love taking stale bread from our work breakroom and turning it into French toast. Yum!

    This week:

    1. I made yesterday’s dinner work, even though I was missing quite a few ingredients. I just shuffled the menu to make time for a grocery trip. And that means we didn’t eat out. 😉

    2. I cut some of my old, crappy workout pants to make workout shorts that are perfect for the hot weather.

    3. We used coupons for our local nursery to buy privacy bushes at half price.

    4. I accidentally made extra pie crust last weekend. I’m not sure what I’ll use it for yet, but in the meantime I’ve wrapped it up in my homemade beeswax cling instead of Saran wrap.

    5. We got all of the ingredients to start making our own beef jerky! This stuff’s pricey at the store, so it’ll be interesting to see how much homemade jerky costs.


    1. I just can’t stand seeing food go to waste, so I’ll always pick some up if it’s left in a communal area. Love your things for this week, and I’m very jealous of #2 – the weather is terribly dreary where I am right now!


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