Frugal Life, Plastic Free and Zero Waste

Five Ways Going Green Saved Me Money

A lot of what I do (going vegan, reducing my plastic) is because I care about our environment and want to do the least amount of damage to it possible. Turns out that by being good to the planet, my wallet benefits as well! Here’s five ways changing my habits to help the planet has saved me some pennies…


1. Food waste

I plan all my meals for the week in advance, and do my shopping and my batch cooking on a Saturday or Sunday for the week ahead. It’s amazing for my wallet because I always have food prepared, dampening the temptation for ordering meals, and also because I only buy ingredients for the meals I have planned, so nothing goes to waste. I compost all my food scraps, and buy in bulk, paper or glass so everything is recycled. Having a fridge full of food I just need to heat up makes my week feel a lot easier!


2. Kitty litter

Before Plastic Free July I was buying clay kitty litter in plastic bags. I found an environmentally friendly brand made from recycled paper, including the packaging, and it was more expensive but I haven’t had to buy a new bag for nearly two months, making it good for the environment and my pocket! My cat seems to be fond of it as well, and picking up a stray paper pellet every now and then is much easier than the clay dust which came from the old brand.


3. Paper towels

Here’s how I save on paper towels: I don’t buy them. There is a couple of tea towels in my kitchen and I use one of them to wipe down surfaces, and toss them in the wash when they get grimy. Paper towels are such a waste of money and resources, there is really no need to buy them at all! (Now, if only I could get my housemates to stop…)


4. Deodorant

I’ve been making my own deodorant with this recipe for about two months and it has been amazing. I always smell fresh, even when I sweat, and there is no yucky chemicals or spray cans going  the environment. It’s so cheap and easy, I bet you have all the ingredients on hand right now, and one batch lasts me for about a month and a half. I even make batches for my mum, and she loves it!


5. Feminine products

After recommendations from friends I switched to a menstrual cup around a year ago, and it has been amazing. I think every person who menstruates needs to know about these babies! You’ll save a heap of money on tampons and pads, as well as saving all of that rubbish from landfill. Also, after being inspired by Plastic Free July, I ordered some Moon Pads panty liners, as the regular single use kind are all-plastic-wrapped-in-plastic, nightmares. These have been brilliant, super comfortable, easy to wash, and you never have to worry about whether they’ll stick to your underwear or not.


Have you made any small changes to help the planet lately? I feel like the message is spreading, so encourage me and leave a comment!


Featured image: Simon Rae


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