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Frugal Things, Friday July 28th

1. Went to pick up some new glass storage containers from my sister’s apartment and she drove us both to our parents house so we could drop off my compost. Errands bundled and petrol saved – thanks sis! (Although she did say that it was my turn to drive us next time 😛 ).


2. Cooked in bulk and had meals prepped for the full week, which was perfect with a very busy schedule. I didn’t grab take away coffees or meals once. Having a heap of fresh fruit on hand was very helpful for those snacking urges.


3. Had a late work meeting with my small business co-founder. I drove to her house late at night after a huge day of work, but she made me the most divine vegan dinner and sent me home with a carton of soy milk she wasn’t going to drink, which was so lovely.


4. I went on a work trip and packed enough snacks and meals for two days. I did have some meals in cafes while I was there, but I picked simple cheap options, and ate the food I’d brought the rest of the time. While I was away I also sniffed out a local bulk food store and spent a whole $1.20 for snacks on the way home.


5. I’ve dyed my hair back to it’s natural colour! It was expensive to go back to dark and blew my hair budget for the month, but knowing I’ll never have to spend money on my hair again is very reassuring.


How have you saved money this week?

Featured image: Fabian Blank


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