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Frugal Things, Tuesday July 11th

1. I’ve been skipping the traffic, petrol and parking hassles and walking to heaps of places this week – work, appointments, grocery shopping. It’s been amazing. My car has sat idle for one or two days at a time, can you believe it? Sometimes it is tough to add an extra forty minute walk home on to a full work day, but I love not having to sit in traffic and stress about finding a park. Saving money and saving petrol is a nice bonus!


2. I’ve brought my own food and snacks to work every day. I’ve also been refusing the twice-daily coffee run, ostensibly because I haven’t been bringing my keep cup and I don’t want to use a disposable cup (I really don’t), but it also saves me money.


3. I made my own deodorant using this recipe and it’s been amazing. I was a bit scared about my body ‘detoxing’ from commercial deodorant and smelling awful. But! Yesterday I walked for forty minutes to work, was busy for eight hours, walked half an hour back to my pole studio, did a one-hour pole class, and walked another half hour home, and although I had sweated (obviously), my clothes did not smell and neither did I. I am never going back to horrible aluminium-filled commercial deodorants, that’s for sure.


4. Long days and walks home past plenty of restaurants has made me super tempted to grab snacks on the way home, but I have been strict and eaten only at home. I’ve added a ‘no-spend days’ tally to the budget that I keep, and it’s been a great motivator to refuse that end of the day splurge that we can sometime give in to. So far I’m sitting on 5/11 no-spend days this month!


5. I’m biting the bullet and going back to my natural hair colour after about seven months of dying it. I’m not even sad about it. The hassle, the upkeep and the money are major contributing factors, but mainly I’ve been reexamining my life and where I want to direct my energies, and being constantly ‘done up’ is not a priority for me anymore. I haven’t worn makeup in days, just moisturising with coconut oil twice a day, I’ve been dressing simply and comfortably, I’ve been wearing my hair up and out of my face, and I’m ready to accept my natural colour. It will also allow me to experiment with chemical-free zero waste shampoo methods, so I’m excited about that as well.


How have you saved money this week?

Featured image: Fabian Blank


2 thoughts on “Frugal Things, Tuesday July 11th”

  1. You are KILLING IT! I know from experience how hard it is to walk everywhere; you’re a superstar. And I know how hard it is to avoid dyeing your hair. I used to hate my natural hair color and would obsessively color my roots any time they showed. But damn, it was so expensive to do that. After I got married I just said, “Screw it,” and let it all grow out. The first few months were the hardest when I could see my roots vs. the dyed hair. I did get highlights to help mesh the two colors, which worked beautifully. Be strong! 🙂


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