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Frugal Things, Saturday July 1st

1. I did my first bulk shop today! I brought my own jars and got some oats (my breakfast staples), rice (for meals and also homemade milk to replace my soy milk long-life packs) and some dates (for making sugar syrup). Half a month’s worth of oats only cost me $1.50, which is the same as I’d pay at the supermarket, minus the nasty plastic packaging. Hooray!


2. During a rehearsal this week, every other member of the cast went out in the lunch break and bought lunch or snacks. I had packed snacks and lunch to bring, so I tucked in to my delicious homemade meal for zero dollars.


3. There was free bread in the staff kitchen at work. As well as grabbing some buns to snack on, I grabbed a loaf of wholemeal bread that I put straight in to my freezer that night, so I didn’t have to buy bread this week.


4. I went to buy my cat some treats today (they’re chewies that help her teeth) and I went to a store I’d seen had them advertised for about $5 less than I pay at the vet. Turns out the sale price I was looking at ended last night, so I had to pay full price. It was still a dollar or so cheaper than the vet, and I was already there, so I went ahead and bought them. As I was about to leave an advertisement in their catalogue caught my eye – they were also selling my cat’s dry food for $15 less than at the vet. You better believe I snapped a big bag up, meaning my total saving was still $10!


5. I have been buying pressed powder compacts to apply to my face everyday since I was a teenager. Minimising, going zero waste and wanting to save a few dollars had me hunting for a eco-friendly DIY alternative. After doing some research on zero waste blogs, I decided to try out some plain cornflour in place of loose powder. I tipped some in a glass jar, dipped my bamboo kabuki brush in and applied a light layer to my face. It did exactly what I’d hoped – mattify my shiny skin.  I don’t have any lofty hopes that it will last all day, but honestly, neither does any makeup. If it gives me a nice matte start to my day, I’m happy. I’ll be trying it out more in the following days, so stay tuned!

How have you saved money this week?

Featured image: Fabian Blank


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