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Time Capsule: My First Capsule Wardrobe MVPs

I’ve completed my first capsule wardrobe without sharing a single picture of the clothes! It’s very difficult to accurately capture clothes on a hanger, but I though I’d share some of my MVPs from my first ever capsule wardrobe, the staples I just couldn’t do without!


Cropped, long sleeve black cardigan



From: Dangerfield outlet

Cost: $30


A classic black cardigan is something I could not do without. Before my capsule wardrobe, I had at least three varieties on the plan black cardigan floating in my wardrobe, and I’d wear one pretty much every day. This was the sole survivor in my capsule wardrobe! I did buy it new and it was expensive (for me), but I’ve worn it so much it has been worth it. I’m not 100% happy with the fit. I used to have a longer length black cardigan with a fold down collar that was perfect but it was lost when I lent it to someone! I’ll keep an eye out in my local thrift stores and if I see another cardigan in the shape that I liked best, I’ll snap it up.


Black trench coat



From: New York City thrift store

Cost: $50


I have been wearing this literally every single day through winter. It’s the perfect black coat to throw on over any outfit. I bought it in New York on a trip there at the end of 2015, and it was instant love. I used to own about half a dozen different coats, mostly vintage, thick, heavy woolen things that I couldn’t bring myself to wear as they were so clunky but had gaping collars so I’d still be cold. This coat is light, comfortable, and even though it’s not the warmest fabric, I can button the collar right up to my neck and tuck a scarf in to get that extra layer.


Red skirt


From: Savers

Cost: $1.50


This skirt is very hard to get a good photo of, but it is such a brilliant basic! It fits really well, nipping in my waist without being uncomfortable, and plain enough to mix with a thousand outfits. I tried it on at a Savers alongside a bunch of things, and this was the only thing I bought – who could resist a $1.50 price tag? I’m so glad it migrated to my capsule wardrobe, as it’s been so useful, and good to break up all the black that I wear.


Black skirt


From: Forever New

Cost: $70

I’ve cycled from loving to hating this skirt and back again a thousand times! It was a splurge when I bought it, around three or four years ago, but the number one problem has been with the fit of the waistband. It started off too big, so I took it in, but I took it in too much, and wearing it was uncomfortable, so I went right off wearing it. A few months ago, I took out half of the waistband mending, and voila – perfect size! I’m so happy it’s got a new lease on life, as the skirt itself is beautiful, and full enough to put a petticoat underneath if needed!


Lace up boots


From: Savers

Cost: $5


I’ve written about these boots in previous posts, as I almost lost them forever. They are the perfect winter boots, seeing me through all kinds of expeditions (I first got them at the end of 2015 for that same trip to New York where I got my trench)! They’re big enough for me to layer with thick socks, tights or leggings, and super comfortable. I’ll be wearing these until they fall apart completely, although they’ve already tried to and I’ve firmly stuck them back together with some super glue!


I was only going to write about my five MVPs, but here’s a surprise entry! This item has been so versatile, I had to give it a mention!


Leopard print wrap dress



From: Savers

Cost: $6

Before my capsule wardrobe I had a stupid amount of dresses. Like, ridiculous. Culling them down was a hard task, and I held on to some more ‘fancy’ dresses for gigs, but kept this one on a whim, thinking it would be good for more relaxed occasions. Well, this dress has blown me away! I’ve worn it for awards ceremonies, gigs, nights out, even walking down to the local farmers markets. It is so comfortable, so warm, and so versatile,  it is absolutely a winner. Case in point – the other day I wore it under pants as a dance-type wrap top! This dress isn’t going anywhere!


I’d love to hear what your capsule wardrobes MVPs are. Do you live in a pair of jeans? (I only have one pair of pants in my wardrobe and wear them rarely). Do you have a collection of slogan t-shirts? Leave me a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Time Capsule: My First Capsule Wardrobe MVPs”

  1. I adore your capsule wardrobe staples! I definitely don’t have a capsule wardrobe, but it’s been a goal of mine for a while. And actually now that I work from home, I really don’t have much of an excuse to maintain such a huge wardrobe to begin with. 😉 The plus side is that most of my clothes were bought for .50 apiece at thrift store sales, so at least there’s that! I definitely can’t live without my yoga pants as a wardrobe staple.


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