Time Capsule

Time Capsule: Three Month Round Up

Well, I did it! This vintage fashionista has survived for three months on less than thirty items of clothing, including just three pairs of shoes. The verdict? It was not only tolerable, it was actually amazing! Here were my most and least worn items for the final month of my first capsule, and some reflections on my capsule journey.


My handy black trench! It’s the perfect jacket and I will happily throw it on every day. It goes with everything, and while it’s not too toasty I make sure to layer up or chuck a scarf on if it gets really chilly. I also got a lot of wear out of my black leggings – for a $5 Kmart purchase, they’re going strong.


There’s a handful of things I wore only once, but I was trying to branch out this month. My grey blazer is getting frustrating to style, as it’s not as comfortable as I’d like. It might disappear in my next capsule.


I tried to get to most of the items I hadn’t before, like my branded t-shirt. But I didn’t wear my Pin Up Girl clothing dress once for the whole three month capsule, which has disappointed me. I think it may be time to store it or sell it, as it’s just taking up space.


It was my third and last month of my capsule and I still wasn’t bored of my clothes! I found a few new combinations and was enjoying my outfits. Little things did start to grate on me, like the cut of an item or the way a cardigan didn’t have full sleeves, and I’d wish for a different one. I think this challenge has taught me how essential it is to make sure all your clothes are a) comfortable and b) fit exactly how you like them to, as that’s the only way they’ll get worn.


I’m so pleased with my first ever capsule wardrobe. For the moment, I’ll be continuing to wear the items that I’ve been wearing for the last three months; just because my capsule is technically finished, doesn’t mean I’m heading off on a shopping spree! I have a wish list for things I’d like to replace – better cut cardigans mostly, as I’ll be wearing lots of layers as winter continues. The good thing is, I know exactly what I’m looking for, and won’t spend money unless it fits all my requirements. I’m pleased with what I’ve learnt about style, and about what I do and don’t like in a wardrobe. Once your tastes are strongly established, it’s easy to know what you will wear and what you won’t.  I’m planning on writing some posts about my capsule wardrobe MVPs that have kept me going, like my black trench coat, with some pictures to illustrate the styles I stick to to keep that vintage silhouette. Keep an eye out!


(if you’d like to see the maths…)


Black lace up boots IIII IIIII IIIII


Black leggings IIII IIIII II

Spat flats IIII IIIII I

Red skirt IIII IIII

Black pencil skirt IIII I

Black skirt IIII

Red knit top IIII

Cream jumper III

Black lurex cardi III

Black long sleeve TW top II

Black long sleeve top II

Black and white two-piece I

Green cardi I

Black slacks I

Floral/ patterned shirt I

Black shirt sleeve shirt

Black t-shirt

Black long sleeve shirt

Black lurex top

TW t-shirt

Black boots

Black lurex top

Grey blazer

White shirt

Dita dress

Flapper heels

Leopard print dress

Red cape



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