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I Did It Again.

Remember this post, when I explained why veganism made me an activist? Well, turns out that caring about things is a slippery slope.


It was watching a film that inspired me to turn vegan. It was a book my friend lent me that turned me on to minimalism. It was researching minimalism that helped me find blogs on frugality. Well, the other day, when I was re-reading some frugality blogs, I happened to click on a link to a blog about Zero Waste. Then I did a Google search. Then I kept on clicking.


And I am officially hooked.


The thing that I didn’t mention in my last post is that each change helps inspire the next one, as they’re all far easier than you think they will be. I thought that becoming vegan would be a huge challenge. It wasn’t. I thought reducing my possessions when I became interested in minimalism would be impossible. It wasn’t. I thought penny pinching in order to save money would be hard. It wasn’t. So now, faced with getting rid of plastic from my life and reducing my waste as much as possible, I’m actually excited about the challenge, and can’t wait to get started. Because I know from experience that making positive changes is far less effort than I anticipated, as well as incredibly rewarding.


So, what are my plans? Over the next two days I’m going to be setting up a compost bin on my (impressively large) balcony. I’m sharing a cozy little apartment, but I have an private balcony off my bedroom that will become my space to compost and grow veggies and herbs. I’m slowly phasing out all plastic items, swapping them with glass (storage jars) or ceramic (every day bowls). My veganism and frugality has already served in good stead; I already cook all my meals at home, usually from scratch, so my amount of pre-packaged food is miniscule. However, I have discovered two bulk food stores within walking distance from my new place, so I am so excited to shop plastic-free from now on!


It will be a gradual process for me, and I’m not rushing in to anything. But I am excited to continue making changes that can positively impact the earth, as well as those around me. Two of my friends have already said I’m inspiring them to make changes, and I’ve barely started my zero waste journey!


If you’re looking to get started with any of the journeys I’ve mentioned, here are some links that might spark your fire like it did mine…



1. Cowspiracy – the film that make me a vegan.

2. The Minimalist Baker – excellent and straightforward recipes. I highly recommend this shortbread recipe, this lentil chilli recipe and this cinnamon roll recipe.

3. Simple Vegan Blog – can you tell I love recipes that are quick and easy to follow? This almond milk recipe is great, and this pico de gallo is my new go-to side dish.



1. The More of Less by Joshua Becker – this book was recommended to me by a friend. I resisted at first, because I’m not much of a ‘self-help’ kind of girl. I barely got halfway through before I started to change the way I lived.

2. The Minimalists – two really cool guys who speak in a simple, straightforward way about the benefits of less. Check out their film on Netflix too.

3. Un-Fancy – I couldn’t love this site more. This was my inspiration for diving in and trying a capsule wardrobe (which is why I created this site!), and has a heap of handy hints if you want to try the same thing.



1. The Non-Consumer Advocate – my number one frugality blog, total inspiration, thrift shop lover like me, and creator of Five Frugal Things.

2. The Frugal Girl – some fun insights and great recipes.

3. Thrifty Meets Spendy – really cute blogs and practical tips on saving money. It’s so nice reading frugality blogs by younger people who don’t have a family. It makes me feel like I’m not the only twenty-something thinking about finances! Definitely check out Hashtag Your Money Reality for a giggle.


Zero Waste 

1. Treading My Own Path – the first Australian website I found on zero waste, and the one I was reading when it dawned on me that maybe I could do this too. She’s got a great toolkit on her homepage menu that has some links for getting started.

2. Trash is for Tossers – such an inspirational site, especially seeing as Lauren is around my age! So nice to see young people making the environment a priority. Definitely check out her Ted Talk.

3. Zero Waste Chef – I only discovered this website tonight and I love it. There’s tips for going zero waste, recipes and more!


Featured image: S. Ross Morris


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