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Five Frugal Things, June 1st 2017

1. I moved house last weekend! I managed to take 95% of my belongings across to my new house all by myself, in a total of around five car loads*, and then enlisted my dad and a friend to help me with some of the furniture I couldn’t move alone. No need to hire a truck when you’re a minimalist and only own four pieces of furniture (a bed, an antique writing desk, a chest of drawers, and a garment rack)!

2. I’ve been really watching what groceries I spend my money on and was around $30 under my grocery budget for the month of May! I’m already planning my next few meals and preparing to hit up my local Aldi to see if I can up the savings even more.

3. A friend was going to the opening night of a theatre show she’d worked on as a consultant and I asked to be her plus one if possible. Lo and behold, she did have a spare ticket that she offered me, so it pays to be forward – she’s a super good friend of mine and I have offered her tickets that have come my way in similar situations. I really wanted to see this show, specifically because I knew one of the cast members and wanted to support them, and this way I’ve saved myself $40 on the ticket (theatre is expensive, guys!). Plus, my new place is so close to the station I walked there, meaning no need to drive the distance between me and the station, like there was at my old place.

4. Speaking of saving petrol, I was struck down by a cold (flu?) so bad on Wednesday that I couldn’t get out of bed. I could literally stand up long enough to turn the kettle on and then I needed to lie down again. I called in sick to work (obviously), which though unfortunate meant that I saved the petrol it took to drive there (forty-five minutes each way – fifteen minutes closer than my old place).

5. I have two things I splurge on – pole and getting my hair coloured – and budget for both accordingly, scrimping in other areas so I can keep these two things. I got my roots done earlier this week, and after seven (!) hours in the salon (colour matching was an ordeal) was shocked to get to the register and be charged around 40% more than usual (not what I budgeted for)! The stylist explained it away, but I spent the rest of the night and the next day fretting that I would have to cut out this luxury from my budget as there was no way I could continually afford that. As my salon is so close to me now, I decided to pop in before heading out tonight, and express my concern, hoping they could maybe meet me halfway at a semi-reduced price as I’m an ongoing client. The manager was so lovely and understanding, telling me I should be charged the same price as I was charged before, thanking me for coming in and immediately refunding me the extra 40% I paid. Thank goodness I went in there and asked some questions!

*Moving really does prove how much stuff you have, doesn’t it?! I feel like a bad minimalist! I can do better!

And one not-so-frugal thing…

1. When I was down with the dreaded lurgy on Wednesday I couldn’t bring myself to stand up long enough to reheat leftovers, let alone think about cooking anything. I was famished though, so ended up ordering trashy, delicious junk food on Uber Eats. I got a child size burger and chips, which including delivery came to $14. A bit of a frugal fail, but as I said before, I was still under my food budget by $30 this month (I count groceries and take out as one section of my budget), and I didn’t eat out once during the whole moving process up till then, though I desperately wanted to!

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