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Frugal Things, May 23rd 2017

1. A heap of Jerusalem artichokes/ sunchokes were left in the communal staffroom at work last week, and being the token workplace vegan they were given to me! I spiced and roasted them in to a delicious side dish (sidenote: the next day I learnt that I’m one of those people who gets awful digestive pain from sunchokes! So sad, but at least I didn’t spend any money learning that!)

2. This is such a silly frugal thing, but I am growing out my eyebrows. I am sick of having to keep them in a tiny well-kept shape, and I am sick of spending money on products to enhance them. Silly makeup/ aesthetic-obsessed culture!

3. I entered an amateur pole competition this week! I didn’t spend any money on private lessons for tricks or choreography, and I bought my costume from an op-shop (a lingerie bodysuit with the tags on, worth about $60). I didn’t spend a cent to hire out the studio to film my audition video, instead choosing to use a free group time offered in the same studio that would have cost me $50 per hour to hire. Altogether, entering the comp cost me about $35, including the entrance fee and a coffee with the girls after filming our audition tapes. I know some girls spend hundreds, so this was a big frugal win for me.

4. Speaking of pole, I usually pay $80 a term for unlimited practise sessions (pole dancing is my gym, and super important for my mental and physical health, so this is worth it). This term, because I had some credits on my account from friends joining etc., I ended up only paying $10!

5. Forever obsessed with making my groceries last longer, this afternoon I made a sweet potato risotto and some banana almond shortbread (from this amazing recipe) using all ingredients I had on hand. I am confident I have plenty of food left to make meals for the rest of the month, and I’m under my grocery budget for the month by around $40. One happy frugal lady here!


Featured image: Fabian Blank


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