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It’s Expensive, It Makes You Sick…So Why Do We Eat It?

My progression in to the world of frugality has been really interesting. I’ve mentioned before that my first major life change was becoming vegan. A while later I discovered minimalism, and in the last few months, frugality. While minimalism and frugality are not the same, there is a definite overlap (as explained in this great article).

Whilst browsing some frugal websites this past week, I was investigating how to save money on my grocery shop. After reading several articles, I started to see some patterns in the tips. It was recommended to plan your meals in advance, stick to a list…and avoid buying meat.

Several of the articles recommended adopting a vegetarian lifestyle or cutting back on red meat, perhaps only eating it once or twice a week, as a money-saving measure. As someone who hasn’t bought animal products since 2015, it was a stark reminder that meat is expensive and ultimately unnecessary*.

I’m a fully converted vegan, and I don’t want to start preaching about the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle (if you’re interested, I highly recommend the film Forks Over Knives). But seeing my lifestyle choices reinforced by frugal blogs reminded me that not only is meat and other animal products making us sick, they’re wasting our money.

So why do we eat something that makes us sick and poor? My only thought is that it’s tradition. I was raised on meat, and you probably were as well. But that’s not a good enough reason to continue eating it.

*Disclaimer: No, I’m not a medical doctor of any kind, and I don’t want to make any one sick. People eating a plant based diet of only Oreos and peanut butter are obviously not going to get the nutrients they need. But meat eaters who only eat steaks and chips aren’t either.

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