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Time Capsule: Two Month Round Up

Two months down in my first ever capsule wardrobe, and it’s time to check in again!


Black leggings and my black skirt. The black leggings is not surprising considering it’s getting colder and they’re a great extra layer. I’m so pleased my black skirt is getting worn so much, it’s just so practical!


Black short sleeve shirt and floral blouse. I’ve swapped over my floral blouse to a better one but I’ve been wearing my oversize jumper so much I haven’t needed it. Black short sleeve shirt did get only one wear, but I think it’s much better than the blue shirt as I can wear it for work. Again, the weather is getting the better of my wardrobe!


My two black t shirts didn’t get any airtime this month, but they were so frequently worn last month!


My oversized jumper has been officially co-opted, as have my leggings, which before I only had as part of my workout wardrobe. I’ve also taken my green flapper dress out a couple of times this month, which has persuaded me to keep it as a formal dress for gigs etc. We’ll see how I feel in a month’s time – it might go into storage for special occasions!


(if you’d like to see the maths…)

Black leggings IIII IIII III

Black skirt IIII IIII III

Black boots IIII IIII III


Black trench IIII IIII I

Black cardi IIII III

Green cardi IIII I

Cream jumper IIII II

Red skirt IIII I

Black and white two-piece IIII I

Black long sleeve top III

Red knit II

Black lurex top II

Black pencil skirt II

Black long sleeve shirt I

Black long sleeve TW top I

Black slacks I

Black lurex cardi I

Grey blazer I

White shirt I

Black short sleeve shirt

Floral blouse



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