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It’s A Trap!

Recently I was talking with some co-workers about the insidious addictive nature of social media. I told them I had deleted the Facebook app off my phone (which I highly recommend!) and then my friend told me about a product she had heard of that reduces radiation emissions from your phone, like a small patch you can stick on the back of your phone. There’s even lists like this one that detail ways to reduce phone emissions.

It’s probably my inner super-frugal speaking, but as my co-worker was talking about all these devices, all I saw in my head was dollar signs. Why would you spend money on a patch that may or may not reduce emissions for a few months when there is a foolproof way to reduce emissions that is absolutely free?

Put. Down. Your. Phone.

It fixes everything. Less emissions. More battery life. Less time on social media. And it’s absolutely free. Put down your phone.

For me, deleting the Facebook app was a small step that reminded me to stop. I still automatically go to check Facebook (and admittedly, I can, via web browsers), but the fact that it is so fiddly and not as user friendly is a big deterrent. I’ve gone from spending hours on my phone to checking Facebook maybe once or twice a day. And you know what? Nothing bad happened, the world didn’t end, my friends and I can still communicate.

So if you’d like an amazing way to reduce your radiation exposure, increase your battery life, and free up more hours in your day – don’t spend a cent. Put down your phone.

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