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Frugal Things, May 14th 2017

1. Had two big jobs in the city over the weekend and managed to take the train in to both. No parking fees or wasted petrol for me.

2. Speaking of jobs, I was stressing about not having any money to put in to savings this month and then suddenly three unexpected jobs came up. So that’s a nice bonus!

3. Working in a place with a shared office space means that there’s often snacks left in the kitchen, but they’re rarely vegan. This week, there was a heap of apples left out, as well as some multigrain rolls, so you better believe they came home with me! They also kept me from spending money on food between jobs on Friday when I forgot to bring snacks from home (double frugal win).

4.  Was completely exhausted after working all weekend, but I knew I’d need some food prepared to get through the week without splurging on food. So I dragged my tired (and potentially getting a cold?) behind to the kitchen and made some delicious Mexican-spiced vegan bean and protein strip mix all from ingredients I already had.

5. I haven’t bought any take away coffee or drinks since April, yay! Buying snacks or drinks on the go is such a wasteful thing to do (packaging and money wise), so I’ve just been drinking water and sucking it up when I have coffee cravings!


Featured image: Fabian Blank


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