Frugal Things

Frugal Things, May 9th 2017

1. Was tossing up driving or taking the train in to a meeting in the city today, as I was going to be pushed for time. The meeting got pushed back so I took the train, saving money on petrol and parking fees.

2. Spend money to save money: I had to visit my GP to get a referral so I can continue getting a rebate on my psychologist sessions. Worth it to get that money back, and looking after my mental health is always a priority, despite the cost.

3. Spent the afternoon cooking lunches to take to work and also dinners using ingredients I picked up last week, so I’m set for the week and didn’t need to go grocery shopping.

4.  I’ve been working on donating all of my non-capsule clothes, so yesterday three of my friends came over and took their pick! It was so much fun seeing them ‘shop’ my closet, and I got so much joy out of seeing neglected clothes cherished again. Plus, it saves me the trouble of packing them up, since they all came to me!

5. I’ve been offered complimentary tickets to two different theatre shows in the last two days! This is brilliant, as I adore theatre but have been going less to try and save money. Now all it will cost is my train fare (and maybe a glass of wine to say thank you – still far cheaper than the ticket)!


Featured image: Fabian Blank