Frugal Things

Frugal Things, May 4th 2017

1. Spent the day outside, away from a microwave or anything convenient, but I brought plenty of pre-made snacks and a sandwich and didn’t spend a cent in the on-site canteen. Probably ate too much sugar but that’s okay!

2. Because I won’t be at a convenient work location to heat up two pre-made lunches, I’ve been using them as dinners when I get home. Perfect.

3. Went to the supermarket with a *very specific list* and even though I got trappings for my regular breakfasts, work lunches, baking, and two different dinners (at least), spent under $60.

4. One recipe called for white wine, and I was determined to spend as little as possible. The first bottle I spotted in the liquor store was $7, and I almost nabbed it, but a little voice said, ‘You can do better!’ I went and scoured the back shelves and sure enough, there was a bottle of $10 wine for half price! Better wine for less? Don’t mind if I do.


Featured image: Fabian Blank