Frugal Things

Frugal Things, May 1st 2017

1. Almost decided to buy lunch because didn’t have any food handy that didn’t need microwaving/ heard you could get vegan sandwiches where I was working. Decided to fight the urge and whipped up a sandwich with falafel, hummus and cabbage – so amazing and so much better/ healthier than my usual non-refrigerated option, a PB&J sandwich!

2. Had just gotten to work when my first booking was cancelled. Frustrating (especially as I will have to drive back for another job this afternoon = double the petrol), but although I have to make the drive twice I’ve saved about five hours in parking fees. Instead of going to a supermarket or shopping centre to grab some things (and probably some additional things I don’t need) I drove straight home from the cancelled job…

3. And managed to scrape together meals for the week as well as some sweet snacks (baked from scratch) from items already in the pantry. So now I have some delicious work lunches and African dahl for dinners and I avoided what I thought was a ‘necessary’ trip to the supermarket!

4. I also managed to darn the clasp on the back of my much-worn black skirt. There’s no way I’m getting rid of this skirt any time soon, it’s perfect for any weather and well worth the $70 I paid for it several years ago. The clasp hadn’t separated, but hopefully it’s secure enough to last a long while now!

5. I ‘shopped my wardrobe’ to replace some capsule wardrobe pieces that weren’t getting a lot of wear with ones that will hopefully get more. I also sorted through and set aside pieces that will be good for a winter capsule in a month and a half, leaving the rest of the unused clothes ready to donate.

Featured image: Fabian Blank