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Spending Out of Obligation

I love baking. I always have, and heading more on to the frugal path has pushed me to stop wasting money on bland biscuits and head in to the kitchen. After whipping up a delicious batch of shortbread, I brought some for snacks in to work. I decided to share some with my coworkers, and… Continue reading Spending Out of Obligation

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Frugal Things, May 23rd 2017

1. A heap of Jerusalem artichokes/ sunchokes were left in the communal staffroom at work last week, and being the token workplace vegan they were given to me! I spiced and roasted them in to a delicious side dish (sidenote: the next day I learnt that I'm one of those people who gets awful digestive… Continue reading Frugal Things, May 23rd 2017

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It’s Expensive, It Makes You Sick…So Why Do We Eat It?

My progression in to the world of frugality has been really interesting. I've mentioned before that my first major life change was becoming vegan. A while later I discovered minimalism, and in the last few months, frugality. While minimalism and frugality are not the same, there is a definite overlap (as explained in this great article). Whilst… Continue reading It’s Expensive, It Makes You Sick…So Why Do We Eat It?

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Time Capsule: Two Month Round Up

Two months down in my first ever capsule wardrobe, and it's time to check in again! MOST WORN Black leggings and my black skirt. The black leggings is not surprising considering it’s getting colder and they’re a great extra layer. I’m so pleased my black skirt is getting worn so much, it’s just so practical! LEAST WORN… Continue reading Time Capsule: Two Month Round Up