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Time Capsule: One Month Round Up

It’s been a month since I started my capsule wardrobe, and at the 1/3 mark, it’s time to reflect on the experience so far…



Black converse – but they were my only shoe option for a while, and I was wearing them yet hating them. Making it work on a budget! Glad I held out until the universe delivered (in the form of a gift from my grandmother!).



Quite a few items I only wore once, but a few of them I feel like I got more use out of as the weather got colder, so they’ll pop up more next month. The purple pencil skirt though may be a goner!



I didn’t have any gigs this last month, so only wore one of my fancy dresses. The pin up dress and the Dita dress remain untouched. I have at least one gig coming up though, so I’m glad they’re there, although I may need only one seeing as how versatile the lovely leopard print dress has been!



My oversize cream jumper has made an appearance more than once, and I feel it will be officially co-opted with the cooler weather coming closer! Looking back at my outfits over the last month, there’s a couple of combos I’ve only worn once that I definitely want to repeat again. Having limited choices has been way easier and more creative than having a huge wardrobe!



(if you’d like to see the maths…)

Black ‘converse’ IIII IIIII I

Black slacks IIII III

Red pleated skirt IIII II

Black skirt IIII II

Flapper heels IIII II

Green cardi IIII I

Black cardi IIII I

Spat flats IIII

Black shift blouse IIII

Black lurex cardi IIII

Black boots IIII

Trench III

Black lurex top III

Black two piece III

Red cardigan II

Black t shirt II

Black pencil skirt II

White shirt I

Blue shirt I

Black sundress I

Red knit I

Grey blazer

Black thongs

Purple pencil skirt

Floral shirt

Leopard print dress

Black long sleeve top

Black military dress