Minimalism, Time Capsule

Time Capsule: The Items

Ready to begin my first minimalist, pin up closet capsule! The items:


  1. Dark red A-line skirt, pleated. Thrifted, under $5
  2. Black pencil skirt with gold button detail. Thrifted, under $5
  3. Black, full circular skirt. Forever New, approx $70 (purchased approx 5 years ago)
  4. Purple pencil skirt. Thrifted, under $5
  5. Black high-waisted slacks. Thrifted, under $5



  1. Black voluminous silky blouse. Thrifted, under $5
  2. Black high-neck t-shirt. Gift.
  3. Loose light blue cotton button-up shirt. Thrifted, under $5
  4. Long sleeve black button-up shirt. Thrifted, under $5
  5. Cream, floral patterned vintage button-up shirt. Thrifted, under $5
  6. Men’s white formal button-up shirt. Thrifted, under $10
  7. Red high-neck knitted top. Thrifted, under $5
  8. Black knitted lurex vintage top, part of twin set. Gifted.
  9. Plain long sleeve black top. Thrifted, under $5
  10. Black tank top for layering. Kmart or similiar, under $5
  11. Nude singlet for layering. Had for probably ten years!

Outer layers:

  1. Black knitted lurex vintage cardigan, part of twin set. Gifted.
  2. Black cropped cardigan. Dangerfield, approx $30
  3. Red cropped cardigan with tie neck detail. Dangerfield, approx $30
  4. Two-in-one top and cardigan with white trim. Thrifted, under $5
  5. Moss green v-neck cardigan. Thrifted, under $5
  6. Grey blazer. Gifted.
  7. Black trench coat. Thrifted, approx $50


  1. Leopard print wrap dress. Thrifted, under $10
  2. Black military-style dress. Thrifted, under $10
  3. Pin-Up Girl clothing ‘burlesque’ print dress. Second-hand, approx $90
  4. Dita Von Teese ‘Bon Bon’ dress. Thrifted, $160


  1. Black thongs. Gifted.
  2. Black ‘Converse’ style runners. Kmart, under $5
  3. Flapper style black t-bar heels. Thrifted, under $10
  4. Melissa/ Vivienne Westwood collaboration gumboots. Gifted.


Altogether wardrobe cost: under $630

NB: All items I already owned. I put together this capsule from pre-existing items, so no money was actually outlaid.

Accessories (not included in the item count):

  • Red beret. Thrifted, under $5
  • Black beret. Thrifted, under $5
  • White beret. Thrifted, under $5
  • White belt. Thrifted, under $5
  • Black belt with chain detail. Thrifted, under $5
  • Thick black and white striped belt. Came with a thrifted dress that was under $10
  • Red and blue patterned headscarf. Thrifted, under $5
  • Red polyester vintage headscarf. Thrifted, under $5
  • Pair of men’s black suspenders. Thrifted, under $5
  • Various socks and stockings etc.

Let’s do this!


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