Minimalism, Time Capsule

Time Capsule: A Minimalist Pin Up Wardrobe


The Epiphany

Embracing a minimalist lifestyle, clearing the way to pursue the things I really want to pursue.


The Dilemma

Being not only a fan of but known for your 1940s/ 50s inspired pin up wardrobe.


The Solution

Experiment with a capsule wardrobe. Can I not only reduce my enormous wardrobe to under 33 items, but still maintain my iconic pin up style whilst doing so? Can I foster an identity that’s not defined by what I wear?


Wardrobe Theme

Classic silhouettes, black, white, red and leopard print, finely tailored, Parisienne chic, college in the 1960s, Mad Men vibes.



Melbourne weather (four seasons in one day, am I right?), as well as various events – working during the day means black/ plain clothes is an absolutely necessity, and I might be working in settings as varied as a relaxed school classroom to a public event in a CBD theatre. Being a performer and going to gigs and events also means that there needs to be plenty of formal options, that aren’t boring to look at onstage!


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