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Frugal Things, Thursday March 14th

I almost typed 'February' instead of 'March' in the title of this post! That's how much denial I'm in that it's already nearly three months into 2019. Here's some frugal things I've been up to lately... 1. Resisted the urge to buy a coffee today, even though I was working in the same building as… Continue reading Frugal Things, Thursday March 14th

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Adventures in Tightening the Budget: February

I've been watching a lot of Stacey Flowers lately. Like, a lot. Have you seen any of her videos? This girl is amazing! Let me show you one of her famous $50/month food hauls and I think you'll understand:   I was horrified at what I was spending in some areas after watching Stacey's… Continue reading Adventures in Tightening the Budget: February