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Vegan, Zero Waste Meal Prep for the Lazy Girl

Becoming vegan nearly two years ago gave me the push I needed to cook a lot more meals at home. I had always been a fan of baking, but actual cooking of healthy balanced meals was a bit daunting! The benefits of cooking at home aren't just for vegans. Homemade, not prepackaged food is healthier,… Continue reading Vegan, Zero Waste Meal Prep for the Lazy Girl

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Defining Myself Through Fashion – And Learning To Let Go

It's been nearly ten years since I first discovered vintage fashion and the pin-up scene. It was love at first sight - finally, fashion that was suited to my figure! My extreme curves now even had a name (apparently, having a greater than ten inch difference between your hips and your waist is called a… Continue reading Defining Myself Through Fashion – And Learning To Let Go

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Welcome to Plastic Free July!

It is June 30th, which means tomorrow (which is in less than one hour, as I type this!) is the official start of Plastic Free July. According to their website, Plastic Free July is a challenge "to refuse single-use plastic during July...Plastic Free July aims to raise awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic… Continue reading Welcome to Plastic Free July!

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Time Capsule: My First Capsule Wardrobe MVPs

I've completed my first capsule wardrobe without sharing a single picture of the clothes! It's very difficult to accurately capture clothes on a hanger, but I though I'd share some of my MVPs from my first ever capsule wardrobe, the staples I just couldn't do without!   Cropped, long sleeve black cardigan From: Dangerfield outlet… Continue reading Time Capsule: My First Capsule Wardrobe MVPs

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The Easiest Chocolate Mousse Ever

EDIT: The original recipe for this mousse can be found here on The Lazy Cat Kitchen (along with some beautiful photos)! I've tweaked the recipe a tiny bit, but the link will take you to the original.   A little while ago I saved this nifty video on the good old Facebook:   Today… Continue reading The Easiest Chocolate Mousse Ever